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I see people donating Vada Pavs, Bananas, and other edibles to beggars/homeless poor, every day, in the streets of our city of Mumbai and I think that's kind of them. I also see my mom feeding roasted Bengal Grams every day to the birds who drop by our apartment, and I think that's kindness too.

9 hours ago, by Shompa, India

To the gentleman who purchased my dessert at Dairy Queen because I turned off my headlights so they wouldn’t blind you as you waited for your order, thank you! Every act of kindness goes a long way. I also saw that you had veteran plates, so from one veteran to another, thank you, brother!

23 hours ago, by Shawn Gutierrez (via Lindsey Smart), Oregon, US

During a special session before a concert, my friend Rachel Houghton and her husband each received an event poster. Later, she met someone who had wanted to attend the special session and hadn't been able to get a ticket. Rachel gave the woman her poster, which made her new friend's day.

23 hours ago, by Marcia Johnston, Arizona, US

From the newsletter

January 14, 2019

This week’s letter is brought to you by Brenda Koesel Gilbert of Portland, Oregon.

Driving down the road, I whispered “I love you.” From the back seat of the car I heard my ten-year-old daughter: “Who are you talking to?”

“Me,” I replied.

Saying loving things out loud is new for me. When I arrived in the world as an infant, I was free to give and receive love. Then I experienced moments in life that scared me, and I began to see myself as weak, bad, subject to others’ opinions of me.

As a young adult I was medicated to cope with life.

Then, in a transformational weekend, I saw the ways I beat myself up: “You’re fat.” “You’re stupid.” “You’re ugly.” I became aware that I had a relationship with a person I didn’t know. Me! I gave myself a chance to fall in love with that one and only, precious and unlimited, me. And I watched the self-love ripple out to others.

My daughter constantly observes me as she forms her relationship with herself. Recently she and I sat in her dad’s home and listened as her dad’s wife shared ways she is kind to herself. She goes to bed when she’s tired. She lights candles. She takes baths, or listens to soul-happy music, or drinks lemon water and eats green vegetables. Simple. Yet often it's not a priority to be kind to oneself.

Where in your day will you be kind … to you?


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